Saturday, June 8, 2013

L is for... Lesson Planning

It seems a little premature to be lesson planning for 2013-2014 before I've actually submitted final report cards for 2012-2013, but that's how I roll. I genuinely enjoy most aspects of lesson planning, so I think of it as a reward for myself. A reward for finishing off the current school year - so I am holding off on most of it until those report cards are completed.

Turns out that I wrote an "L is for Lesson Planning" post just over a year ago! I'll try not to repeat myself too much. That post and the one I wrote for the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop in August (I Love It When a Plan Comes Together) focused more on the "how-to" of planning. Right now I'm just thinking about what I've got planned for the upcoming year and what I still need to work on.

We rarely have a curriculum choice that is written in stone, especially since we often get awesome curriculum products through the Schoolhouse Review Crew that can supplement, complement, or even replace what we originally chose. For next year, I'm leaving plenty of room for adjustment with just that in mind.  Keeping in mind that things can change, and probably will, the following list is simply what I am planning on at this point.

Landon - Grade 9
English - Institute for Excellence in Writing  (which we're currently reviewing)
Math - finishing No-Nonsense Algebra (we reviewed this last year) and then... I don't know!
Science - Biology - Science for High School/Supercharged Science (we're currently reviewing High School Science at Home and reviewed Supercharged Science earlier this year)
Social Studies - Around the World in 180 Days
Electives - Perspective Drawing from Insight Technical Ed; TeenCoder Windows and Game Programming

Kennady - Grade 7
English - Institute for Excellence in Writing; Lightning Lit (we're currently reviewing IEW, and reviewed Lightning Lit last year)
Social Studies - Around the World in 180 Days
Electives - ARTistic Pursuits; KidCoder Windows and Game Programming (we reviewed ARTistic Pursuits earlier this year and are currently reviewing KidCoder)

I think you can see how valuable the Schoolhouse Review Crew has been for us, just from the number of things we're planning to use that we have reviewed!

For Social Studies, we'll be studying the geography, history and culture of the Americas, so I've started collecting ideas on Pinterest and at Evernote so we'll have plenty of extra activities. I really like the idea of clipping the school ideas I find on blogs and websites to Evernote, because I can organize them better and find them again much easier. Thanks to Paperless Home Organization for a great idea I learned about while reviewing it!

That's the part of lesson planning that I will really need to work on over the summer - sketching out the order of our study on the Americas. I can hardly wait to get going on it!

(By the way, if you choose to try Supercharged Science, I'd appreciate if you use one of my links above to sign up, as I'm an affiliate. It is a great program and even if I wasn't an affiliate I would encourage homeschoolers to check it out!) 

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