Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Canadian Rockies Photojournal - Part One

I was trying to think what to write about today, when I remembered (facepalm) that I still have bundles of pictures that I was planning to share, just because. And a lot of them are from way back in October when we were on vacation. Goodness, talk about delays. However, it doesn't involve much in the way of actual writing for me to get those done, so here - at long last - are some more Canadian vacation pictures.

We spent one day in Banff National Park, together with my sister and her kids.

Our first stop was at Johnston Canyon.

Don't look down!
The trail is actually very safe - parts of it a railed walkways like this.
Quick! What's unusual about this sign?

No mention of millions of years!

With views like this, I was very glad for the fences!

Upper Falls
Lower Falls

After our hike, we were more than ready for lunch, so we headed back in the Banff townsite.
Mount Rundle, seen from the Bow Valley Parkway
Lunch was at one of our favorite restaurants, Melissa's MisSteak.

Then it was time to visit the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. This is where the sulphur hot springs were first discovered in 1883, and the site of Canada's first National Park. By 1911, this was a major draw, as people came from far and wide to take a dip in the hot springs.

Today there is a boardwalk trail above the site of the pool, where you're not allowed to "hold flowers"...

or swim...

but you can take in the gorgeous views.

This is the restored pool area. There is no roof - it's open air.

The three amigos cousins take a breather.

And we ended the day - of course! - at the Upper Hot Springs Pool.

I opted NOT to take my camera into the pool area.

So far I've posted these photojournals of our vacation (and I'm still not done!) - A Wildlife Refuge PhotojournalA Kootenai Falls Photojournal, A Glacier National Park Photojournal - Part One and Part Two, A Southern Alberta Photojournal.

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annette @ A Net In Time said...

when my sister lived out west she told me Banff was a neat place to go. Good to see pictures and know that she was right! :)

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