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Homeschool Mother's Journal: Two Weeks Worth Edition

I totally missed posting a Journal last weekend, because I was out of town. The past two weeks have been packed full, but whether I can pull it all together and summarize remains to be seen. Here goes!

In our homeschool...  Last week was the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog hop, and my series was all about what our typical homeschool days look like. It's a good thing I planned those posts ahead of time, because that week was really not typical at all. My husband was away on a business trip, and Kennady and I went on our own trip at the end of the week. This past week we were all home again, so things were a bit more settled.

Social studies went to the backburner a bit, as we needed to focus on some other subject areas. Science has been the hardest subject to keep up to date, as neither of the kids made it a favorite this year. Landon made good progress in his Biology course, but Kennady is still avoiding Science as much as she can get away with. Which is way too much, I'm ashamed to say. *sigh* Thankfully she is doing great in Art, Music, Writing, and Literature, so all is not lost. She did less math than usual, or than I would like, over the past couple weeks, but is still making excellent progress so I'll take what I can get. Landon is tearing it up with his Economics course, and got started with a Micro-Business course this week. Kennady is reading along in that course as well, and is pretty excited about it.
Kennady's art project from this week.
I'm still taking notes and jotting down possibilities for curriculum for next year. It's only a week until the first curriculum fair, so I need to focus my ideas by then!

In other news... There's quite a bit in this category to catch up. On the Sunday a couple weeks ago, I took Kennady to an NCAA softball game at the University nearby. The coaches got all the team together to go to the game so they could see it played at the college level. We had a good time, and I told Kennady we could go to those games any time she wanted to, and their schedule suited ours.

silly team picture
My husband was away all that week on business, so I was the only available driver to take the kids everywhere. It turned out it wasn't all that difficult, but we did have to be a bit creative for Thursday through Saturday. Kennady and I left on a trip with her choir to Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon, so the boys were on their own for a couple of days, until the hubster got back late on Friday. They managed to get everyone where they needed to be though, and Kennady and I had a great time on her trip. We went on the Constitution walking tour, ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, and went to the Philadelphia Zoo. And the choir sang in the festival, of course!
about half the choir while on the walking tour
warming up before their adjudication
Me and my girl at the zoo
We got back very late on Saturday night, so naps on Sunday were much appreciated!

This week has been "back to normal" in many ways, with softball practices and other usual activities, although we did not have choir practices. That gave me a chance to meet with homeschool moms for coffee and discussion on a couple of evenings. On Wednesday evening, the youth packed up 100+ laundry baskets with cleaning supplies to deliver to families in need in the nearby town.

One of my favorite things this week... I had a great time on the field trip to Philadelphia, mostly because I got to spend time with some really wonderful young ladies!

On my blog this week...

On the bookshelf...
  • The Lady of the English - Elizabeth Chadwick
  • Meet the Skeptic - Bill Foster
  • The Ransom - MaryLu Tyndall
Finished The Passions of Dr Darcy by Sharon Lathan, and will never pick up another book by that author again. Find out why on my book blog.

A parting shot... Kennady was taking selfie pictures of herself and Landon in the van with my camera. I love this one - it cracks me up!

   For the Display of His Splendor

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