Friday, October 17, 2014

Random 5 on Friday: New Roof, Busy Weekends, and Change

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Random 5 on Friday
  1. We had a pretty good week for school, but I'm amazed at how the time slips past so quickly! I keep thinking we have lots of time to get such-and-such done, and then I look at the calendar and realize that the deadlines are almost on top of me!
  2. As of today, we have a new roof! I need to go out and take some pictures. Most of the work was done yesterday, and it was NOISY here! 
  3. It looks like I will be living in my van from this evening through sometime Sunday afternoon. Our truck is in the shop, so it will be all me driving everyone everywhere starting tonight. Of course it's an especially busy weekend too! On the plus side, it looks like the schedules overlap in such a way that one driver can get it all done. By driving constantly, but still. At least it's doable!
  4. Changes in how our worship teams work at church are challenging our/my creativity and flexibility! Proving once again my own proverb: We are all for change when it's our idea and to our own benefit - when it's somebody else's idea and inconveniences us, we're not nearly so willing to embrace it.
  5. I am super-behind on reading blogs and commenting, and on my book blog, Just A Second. I have finished THREE books that I still haven't reviewed there. And I have a curriculum review I need to finish up and post here in the next couple days too. 

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