Saturday, October 18, 2014

Homeschool Weekly: Ready for Fall Edition

In our homeschool...  I feel like I don't even know what the kids got done this week! They worked on things on their own, so I didn't do much other than  try to keep some of the grading up to date.

I do know that Landon worked on History, and that Kennady worked on Geography. This week she learned about a couple more Eastern European countries - Hungary, Slovakia, and Serbia.

Kennady worked on Literature, but she is falling a bit behind schedule. No big deal, it's just taking her longer to read Treasure Island than I expected. I worked with Landon at the beginning of the week to review the Analytical Grammar lessons we did during the summer, and assigned some refreshers, but we didn't get started on new lessons yet.

Both of them worked on Math, and I'm very happy with how that's going!

Kennady is now a full week ahead of schedule in Science, so things have a way of balancing out. She even did a couple of little art projects related to Science.

And Landon is still working on the Nutrition course (we will be posting our review within a couple days).

So even though I don't know exactly which lesson everyone is working on, and can't remember the details of what they did, at least I'm confident that it's getting done!

In other news... We got our new roof done this week, although it kept being pushed back because of the rainy and windy weather during the first part of the week.

Our truck is in the shop, getting major repairs, which is frustrating in itself. Aren't vehicles a pain sometimes? Like when they don't work and you have to keep getting them fixed. *sigh*  We are down to one vehicle this weekend, so we've had to plan carefully to get everyone where they need to be.

I recommend...  checking the Schoolhouse Crew blog - this was a busy week on the blog, and there are lots of resources there. You'll find lots of ideas for Artist and Composer Studies in this week's Round-up post, Crew members reviewed three books in the iWitness series from Apologia, and reviews are being added daily for Standard Deviants Accelerate. Also, the Crew is now accepting applications to join our Review Crew for 2015!

Artist and Composer Round-up

On my blog this week...

On the bookshelf...

  • Song of Redemption - Lynn Austin
  • Robin: Lady of Legend - R.M.ArceJaeger
  • A Lady's Honor - Laurie Alice Eakes
  • Out of the Storm - Jody Hedlund 

A parting shot... My friend posted this picture on her fridge as a broad hint to her daughter that reading was important. One day the daughter took the picture down. Mom put it back up. Later Mom noticed that a little "L" had been added to Mark Twain's forehead, along with a beard. LOL The silent battle continues. I thought it was hilarious.

Weekly Wrap-Up  
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