Friday, October 31, 2014

Z is for... Zoom!

 Doesn't it feel like the year is going by just that fast? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was figuring out what curriculum we'd use and how to fit everything into our schedule? Never mind just the school year, because it seems like such a short time past that these young adults of mine were toddlers and little kids. Goodness.

She was just learning to read, and now...

And then there's this guy, when he was learning to read (same instruction book!):

And now he's an officer cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, and looking to graduate a year early. If he does that, he graduates Next.Year. Goodness.

In the public schools around here, the first quarter is about to end, and since we try to follow the traditional school calendar for report cards (if nothing else!), that means I will be getting Kennady's first quarter grades put together at the beginning of next week. High school grades are only submitted at the end of the semester, but I do a mock report card for Landon too, so we both have a visual letting us know how he's progressing.

Speaking of Landon and time going by quickly... he is chomping at the bit to get his learner's permit and start Drivers Ed. What? Yeah, my baby boy is old enough to do that. Now we just have to scare up enough money to pay for the driving school (because we live in one of those lovely states where driving schools are mandated for all minors - don't get me started...) and figure out where we might possibly squeeze the necessary time into our calendar. Much easier said than done on both counts.

Look how adorable!!  Look at those cheesy, chubby-cheek smiles. I just want to squish them.

And in what seems like the blink of an eye, Landon is a young man coming home from work -

- and Kennady is a a young lady fangirling and all those other teen type things. Time flew by!

This weekend is the last softball game of the fall season for Kennady. That went by quickly - wow! Not just this season, but her 'career' so far. As long as we can fit it into the schedule and she enjoys it, I guess we'll keep up.

Check it out - Dora the Explorer shoes, and a pink bat almost as tall as she is.

Neon green is now the preferred color for uniforms and bats, but we couldn't get away from a touch of pink on  the helmet.

How about you? Are the school year and the childhood years zooming by for you too?

This final round of Blogging through the Alphabet has certainly zoomed by as well! I didn't know how I'd manage it, but I have blogged about a letter of the alphabet for 26 weeks now. Here are all of my ABC Blogging posts for this round:

A is for Art Resources
B is for Biology Lab Gone Wrong
C is for Curriculum
D is for Decisions
E is for Economics
F is for First Day
G is for Grades
H is for Honduras
I is for Ink!
J is for July
K is for Knowledge Quest
L is for Learning Styles
M is for Make It Work
N is for Next Year
O is for O-flights
P is for (Lesson) Plans
Q is for Queso
R is for Roll With It!
S is for Softball
T is for Tenth Grade
U is for United Kingdom
V is for Visits to Europe
W is for Weather
X is for eXpository Essay
Y is for  A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers
Z is for Zoom!

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