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From the High School Lesson Book - Analytical Grammar

From the High School Lesson Book - Analytical Grammar on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - Share your posts about homeschooling through high school in this weekly link-up!

Despite the fact that we don't have a regular weekly schedule for working on it, Landon is (finally) nearing the end of the Analytical Grammar study. Of course this is cause for celebration, or will be, when we actually do finish!

We have always chosen to do all-in-one Language Arts programs that in the early grades addressed reading, spelling, grammar, writing, and handwriting in just one curriculum package. So grammar was a subject area that was well covered by the time my kids had finished middle school. My older sons each did at least one year of a very thorough Grammar and Composition text during high school, and it was good, but not something we loved, so I was willing to look for something else for Landon. We wound up reviewing Analytical Grammar a couple of years ago, and somewhat to my surprise, found that it was a decent fit for Landon.

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The program teaches grammar, punctuation, and usage for older students, and is designed to be taught over three "seasons" but could also be condensed and taught over one or two years. We've chosen to stretch it out over two school years (even though I originally thought we'd do it in just one), which seems to have worked out well. Everything is very straight-forward, with a thorough teacher's guide with everything laid out step-by-step. Each unit begins with a teaching page that gives detailed explanation of the part of speech that is the focus for the unit, then three worksheets or exercises to practice parsing sentences and diagramming, and a test. The teacher's guide has all the same material with a complete answer key. And the page numbers match and everything! That makes it SO easy!

Now, it's not like Landon has ever said he "likes" this program, or grammar in general. But he more or less understands that it's a necessary component in high school level coursework, and this no-nonsense and purely analytical approach to it makes sense to him. Meaning that he doesn't complain about it, at least not often. The presentation is uncluttered and "just the facts", and we've decided to get through it with a minimum of fuss, so he's all about that.

We sit down together to do the initial teaching part of each Unit, then he starts on the first Exercise. If he demonstrates solid understanding of the concept in that Exercise (which he always has), I allow him to skip the extra two and go right to the Unit Test.

Read our full review: Analytical Grammar (Schoolhouse Crew Review)

Analytical Grammar Review

I admit, it's pretty hard to get excited about diagramming sentences (and I usually don't make him write out the diagrams for every sentence in the exercise, just a sampling) and it's a learning tool that some feel is outdated and unnecessary. But it IS exciting to have successful completion of another required credit within reach!

Analytical Grammar is a good fit for Landon, but I likely won't use it with Kennady. She's using a very different approach, but I'll save that for another High School Lesson Book!

What curriculum do your high school students use for Grammar? Have you ever been surprised by what worked best, or what they DIDN'T complain about? Leave a comment and let me know, and link up your posts about homeschooling high school here. Visit your neighbors and leave some encouraging comments!

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BARBIE said...

Thank you for sharing about Analytical Grammar. I've look at it before and was intrigued. Can someone who's never done sentence diagramming before and who is starting it as a middle schooler, do this program? We are looking head to 8th grade, although would use a 7th grade level.

Kym said...

yes, I do think a younger student could do it without having previously learned sentence diagramming. Landon hadn't done much of it before starting this, and it is presented step by step, so the student learns a new part of speech and how to diagram it in each unit. I would suggest doing the three-season time frame for it, and using the extra Reinforcement and Review book that goes with it. I haven't seen that book, but they recommend it for students doing the course over two or three years. (We didn't originally intend to stretch it to two years! LOL)

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