Friday, September 2, 2016

52 Lists #35 - If I Had a Million Dollars

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This week's list invites us to dream about what we'd spend a million dollar inheritance or lottery winning on. Because, let's face it, we've all wandered there in our imagination at least a little, whether we buy lottery tickets or not. So let's have some fun spending our imaginary windfall! (See details and more lists at 52 Lists at Beauty Full Slow.)

Now, if I know if I suddenly came into a huge amount of money like that, I'd do some very practical and wise things. I'm betting that most of this week's list-makers will have some of these things on their lists too.

  1. Pay off debts.
  2. Put money away for retirement and college funds etc.
  3. Buy a new house, or pay off the mortgage and make improvements to the house we have now.
  4. Buy new vehicles.
  5. Travel. Oh, I have a LONG list of places I'd love to travel to!
  6. Support favorite charities and give gifts to loved ones.
But I'm also going to have a little fun with my list. Here are some luxuries and quirky things I'd like to have if money were no object:

  1. An in-ground pool and a hot tub.
  2. A regular date with a massage therapist.
  3. A fully equipped music room/studio - piano, keyboard, drum kit, guitars, etc. Just because it would be fun.
  4. Tickets - good seats! - to hockey and baseball games whenever we felt like going.
  5. I would love to have a library with those rolling ladders along the shelves, and with a fireplace and big leather chairs.
  6. Fast internet. As in, I would pay for somebody to run their line out here on our boondock road so that all the neighbors could take advantage of it too.
  7. A glamping tent.
  8. A whole new wardrobe, including shoes.
  9. An indoor hockey rink. I'd probably have to buy some land nearby to have room for that.
  10. An observatory for stargazing and skywatching.

Is there anything silly or strange you'd spend some of your million dollars on? Leave a comment and let me know, and visit Beauty Full Slow to read more wishlists.

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Joanne said...

A library with rolling ladders... yes!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic list!!

~a homemaker said...

Love the glamping tent concept and of course, I dream of a cozy home library.

Brittney said...

I'm convinced that Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie because of Belle singing on the rolling ladders!

Kym said...

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie too - and also partly because of Belle's love for books and that scene with the rolling ladders!

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