Thursday, July 31, 2014

N is for... Next Year

For us, the new school year is about a month away, and although we are enjoying our break right now, we are also finalizing our curriculum and course choices for the 2014-2015 school year. I have most of the lesson plans set up in the Homeschool Tracker, and we should be ready to go on the official First Day of School. (By the way, there will be lots of Back To School themed blog posts to read from August 11-15, when many of the Schoolhouse Crew members will be participating in the Back To Homeschool 5-Day Blog Hop - keep an eye on the Schoolhouse Crew blog for the links!)

Here are the curriculum choices we have made for Next Year!

Landon - Grade 10
Analytical Grammar  - we just reviewed this grammar course, and will be completing it this school year. (Read our review)
Analytical Grammar Review
Lightning Lit & Comp, Mid-Late 19th Century American Lit - a half-credit lit course that we just reviewed. (Read our review) We haven't made a final decision on whether he'll finish this in his Grade 10 year or save it for his Grade 11 year, when he'll be doing American history.

Exploring World History (Notgrass) - The Notgrass high school courses are favorites here, and Landon chose to do World History first. The course would be good for three full credits - one each in History, English (Lit and Comp), and Bible. We will cut down the English to just a half credit by reducing the number of novels he will need to read and the number of writing assignments we'll use.

VideoText Interactive - Landon will be completing the Algebra course. This is another wonderful curriculum that we reviewed and loved. (Read our review)
 photo Algebra_productimage_zps6b262264.jpg
Civil Air Patrol - Landon receives a full credit for his continued involvement in this organization.

Phys.Ed. - I expect Landon to earn a half credit through participation in our co-op gym class and the other sports he plays.

ARTistic Pursuits - Construct - this is the wild card for the year. Kennady used this when we reviewed it (Read our review), but I think it would be a good fit for Landon so that he can get his required Fine Arts credit looked after. We're not quite sure whether he'll do it this year or not.
ARTistic Pursuits review

Kennady - Grade 8
Lightning Lit & Comp, Grade Eight - She loved Lightning Lit Grade Seven and knew she wanted to continue with this favorite of ours.
Hewitt Homeschooling Review
Visits to Europe (Simply Charlotte Mason) and Cultural Geography (BJUPress) - we're combining these two resources for social studies. Kennady asked to study the culture and geography of Europe, and a combination of these two books will give her everything she wants and then some. Plus a big head start on her Grade 9 Social Studies credit!
Photo   Cultural Geography Student Text (3rd ed.)
God's Design: Our Weather and Water - she was also very specific about what she wanted for Grade 8 science, and it was meteorology. The first unit of Cultural Geography also addresses Weather and Climate, so that ties in nicely. We will also revisit some of the experiments and projects that she did as part of the Moving Beyond the Page study on Weather and Climate that she did for a review several weeks ago. (Read our review) All combined, I think this will be a full and well-rounded study!
God’s Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Weather and Water
Life of Fred - This has been the one math resource that works for her and that she doesn't complain about. We supplement with some other things, like CTC Math and Math Mammoth worksheets, because she'll be glad to do those in smaller doses.

Music - she sings in a children's choir that is also a full music education program, and she takes piano and guitar lessons.
Phys.Ed. - she will be in the co-op gym class, and will also be playing softball. We're already signed up for fall ball, and I don't see any reason why she won't be playing ball in the spring as well.

Art - Kennady loves art, so I know she will be doing something, but it might wind up being a bit of this and a bit of that for her Grade 8 year. She has parts of the two middle school ARTistic Pursuits books that she can finish, and we have two Photography courses she is interested in, so we'll see what happens with that as the year gets going.

Do you have your curriculum picked out for the new year? Many homeschool bloggers are sharing their plans at Chestnut Grove Academy in the Curriculum Choices 2014-2015 Link-up. Join us there and share your own plans and browse through what others have picked!

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