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34 Weeks of Clean Finale

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Hard to believe, but the 34 Weeks of Clean challenge has come to an end! That means my entire house should be completely clean, right?! I wish. Housekeeping is not one of my strengths, and I didn't complete all 34 individual challenges, but I did a lot of them, and I did make my home a more organized place.

Okay, our final project was to clean our vehicles, inside and out. I posted my Homeschool Weekly on Saturday without pictures of the clean car, so it gets its own post, and then I'll do a walk-through of my house to see how I did over the past 34 weeks.

On Friday, I had my RAV4 scheduled for maintenance, so the good people at the Toyota dealership made sure everything was running well, and they cleaned the inside. And I'm proud to say that a quick vacuum was pretty much all it needed, because I'm still new-vehicle-fussy over keeping it clean. Okay, and then I tracked some grass clippings onto the floor. Sheesh.

Then late Saturday I helped out some friends who were having a fundraiser carwash, and got the RAV all shined up.

Oooooh.... shiny. And you can see the (fairly clean) truck too.

Alright. Let's review the 34 week challenge and see how I did!

Week 1 - organizing and putting away holiday decorations

Week 2 - pantry cupboards

Week 3 - Kitchen cupboards and drawers
Homeschool Weekly @

Week 4 - Fridge, Freezer, and Floors - uh-oh, I sort of skipped this one, because at the time my fridge and freezer had recently been cleaned, so there wasn't much to do. And who wants to see a picture of my boring floor?

Week 5 - Recipes - This was a fun week, because a lot of us found recipes we'd forgotten we had! We added a link-up of our favorite "found" recipes to it. My regained treasure was my recipe for Chocolate Lace Cheesecake.
Homeschool Weekly at Homeschool Coffee Break @

Chocolate Lace Cheesecake recipe @

Week 6 - Oven, Stovetop, and Counters
Homeschool Weekly: Valentine's Day Edition @

Homeschool Weekly: Valentine's Day Edition @

Week 7 - Dining Room
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @

Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @

Week 8 - Living Room - I didn't do the challenge that week because we'd just had a pipe burst not long before and much of my house was a disaster. In fact, the living room looked like this at the time, and there wasn't much I could do about it. Since then we've had new flooring put in to replace that carpet, and the living room now looks a lot different!
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @

Week 9 - Books - I did purge quite a few books, but there wasn't much in the way of pictures. This is an ongoing project at my house, because I have a huge stash of books and I know I need to get rid of most of them. But it's hard - can I get a witness? #thestruggleisreal

Week 10 - Entry
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @

Week 11 - Bathrooms

Week 12 - Family Room and DVD Collection
Week 13 - Pictures and Scrapbooks
Week 14 - Arts and Crafts Supplies
(Yeah, three weeks in a row that I mostly skipped. Family room was still a mess while waiting for renovation work after the water damage. A lot of my pictures, scrapbooks, and craft supplies were hard to get at because of stuff being moved out of the way for those repairs.)

Week 15 - Master Bedroom
Homeschool Weekly: Changing Weather Edition at Homeschool Coffee Break -

Week 16 - Master Closet
Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break

Week 17 - Master Bathroom - I'd already done it, during 34 Weeks of Clean - Week 11! I didn't know there would be a separate assignment. So no new pictures. 

Week 18 - Half-time Break
Weeks 19 and 20 - Kids Bedrooms - And my kids are old enough to clean their own rooms, so I didn't have to do much. There are a few pictures of their progress in my Homeschool Weekly summary posts for those weeks.
Homeschool Weekly - Mother's Day Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Week 21 - Hall Closet - I took yet another break, because the hall closet is hubby's domain. Goodness, I was getting lazy.

Week 22 - Laundry Room/Mudroom - Our laundry area really needed a cleaning, and it did get it. However, I didn't take pictures. 

Week 23 - Linen Closet - Our linen closet doesn't actually contain many linens, but it sure got a nice makeover that week!

Week 24 - Porch and Deck - it was around this time that my hubby power-washed the porch and deck and he and the kids got started painting it. We need to get some more paint in order to finish the last bit of it before the season ends.

Week 25 - Yard - This is not my job at our house. The hubster and the kids do the mowing and most of the work, and I'm glad they do! 

Week 26 - Storage Room/Attic
Homeschool Weekly: Quiet Week Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Week 27 - Clothes Storage - I had kind of been doing this whenever we worked on bedrooms and storage areas, so there were no pictures. Over the course of the year so far, I can report that I have donated about fifteen large garbage bags worth of clothes to charity, or passed along to friends.

Week 28 - Schoolroom - I don't have a separate schoolroom, but I made sure to tidy and organize the school materials as we ended one school year and started thinking ahead to the next.
(Not) Back to School Blog Hop - (No) School Room on Homeschool Coffee Break @

(Not) Back to School Blog Hop - (No) School Room on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Week 29 - The Office
Week 30 - The Computer
Week 31 - Address Book and The Office
(These were areas that I worked on, but didn't take pictures of progress. And to be honest, the progress wasn't nearly as much as I would have liked anyway.)

Week 32 - The Garage - This is a big job for us, because we're one of those families that has a huge garage with no room for a vehicle in it! Our garage has a second story that we currently use for storage, and it had deteriorated into a chaotic collection of piles at that point. Thanks to some very hard work by hubby and the boys, we got that area back under control and now are systematically working our way through the stored toys, books, camping supplies, household goods, etc and getting rid of what we don't need. Which is most of it, I'm not gonna lie. We've got enough inventory for a lot of yard sales up there, and that is what we're doing!
Homeschool Weekly - Blog Hop Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @
Well, THIS half of the upstairs in the garage is clean!

Week 33 - The Cars - I shared that at the beginning of this post. Whew!

Now that our repair projects following the water damage are complete, I need to properly clean the living room and family room. My kitchen counters have become cluttered again; our bedrooms and closets still need work; my book collection, desk area, photo collection, and sewing supplies still need to be purged and reorganized; and cleaning out the garage and storage areas is an ongoing project. So I guess I'll be going back over some of those weeks again.

And now, for Week 34... our hostess at Family, Faith, and Fridays is offering an e-book of the challenge to those of us who have participated in the Challenge, and to anyone who subscribes to her blog. Because even though we may have done a lot of hard work in cleaning our homes over the year so far, we know very well that they won't stay that way on their own. We will need to work at maintaining what we've done, and for me - I will need to revisit some of these areas because I've let them get slide; and some of the areas that I skipped the first time around still need to be looked after.

A huge thank-you to Michele at Family, Faith, and Fridays and to Kemi at Homemaking Organized for leading us through the challenge and providing cheerful encouragement and helpful tools to help us on the way!

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We are so thrilled that you participated! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and linked posts. You did an AMAZING job, especially in the middle of a water leak! You rock!

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